Homeschooling Organizations
in Lucas County

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Christian Home Educators' Support System (CHESS)

An active group of home educators in Toledo, Ohio that has been in existence for over 7 years.

Contact: Becky Hyatt 419-292-1499

Serving counties: Lucas

Eastside Christian Homeschoolers (EaCH)

My friend and I have put together a small group of homeschoolers on the East side of the Maumee River (Oregon, Genoa, Northwood, Rossford, Curtice, Millbury, etc.). It is called EaCH for Eastside Christian Homeschoolers. You do NOT have to be a Christian or live on the Eastside to be considered a member. There isn't any membership fee and it's almost exclusively an email support group. By that, I mean we have gathered each other's names and family information, forwarded it to everyone in the group, and email about different field trips, homeschool information, new websites, new happenings, etc. We have been able to form some really strong bonds and have connected a lot of families who would otherwise never have been connected. We have periodically and informally met for parties or field trips, however we aren't by any means exclusive. We consistently ask each family to join groups like CHESS, HEMS, CHENO, SEEDS/CHOICE or HELP. realize that 99% of the families are relatively new to homeschooling, haven't ever attended a support group meeting or convention, or don't travel to the meetings due to the distance from their home.

Contact: Shari Grayczyk

Serving counties: Lucas

Home Education League of Parents (Toledo) (HELP)

HELP (Home Education League of Parents) is a cooperative volunteer organization which assists parents as they inform themselves about homeschooling. HELP encourages members to incorporate child-led learning, regardless of their homeschool approach. As a politically, philosophically, and religiously diverse group, HELP focuses on the homeschooling issues we all have in common.

Contact: Diana Pienta 419-536-5723
360 Lavoy Road, Erie, MI 48133

Serving counties: Lucas


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