Homeschooling Organizations
in Butler County

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Beth Yada Home School Group

Beth Yada Home School Group is a Christian home school support group that offers support and fellowship. Beth Yada means House of Learning. We have co-op classes on Thursdays at Edgewood Baptist Church in Trenton OH, and occasional moms meetings in various homes. We also offer monthly skating and sponsor a Butler County 4-H club.

Contact: Dave & Cherilu DuVal 513-726-0366
Christian Church, 5259 Trenton Oxford Rd, OH

Serving counties: Butler

Christian Home Educators of Cincinnati (CHEC)

Christian Home Educators of Cincinnati (CHEC) was founded in 1987 through the joining together of east and westside homeschool support groups to create a citywide organization, consisting of 19 local area support groups in the greater Cincinnati area. CHEC offers a wide range of support, encouragement, and activities to the Christian home-educating community, benefiting both experienced home educators as well as those just beginning to investigate home education. Monthly parent education meetings, monthly newsletter, group activities such as field trips, standardized testing, etc.

Contact: Travis and Kim Meadors

Serving counties: Warren, Hamilton, Clinton, Clermont, Butler

Cincinnati Area - Teaching Children At Home (CATCH)

CATCH is a community-based non-directed educational support organization for all who educate at home, or are interested in home education options, especially for those who live in the tri-state area encompassing Southwestern Ohio, Southeastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky (S-O, S-I, N-KY). Join our mailing list to discuss current legal, educational, philosophical, and practical issues relative to home education. Feel free to post your ideas and opinions, your sources and resources, news of interest to home educators, events and activities, internet links, as well as your support and suggestions for others in this organizational member forum.

Contact: Norma Curry

Serving counties: Warren, Hamilton, Clermont, Butler

Cincinnati Secular Homeschool Connection

This group is for homeschooling families in the Northern Cincinnati and Southern Dayton areas such as Trenton, Middletown, Fairfield, Liberty Township, Hamilton and many other surrounding cities. This also includes Hamilton, Butler, and Franklin counties in Ohio. I am a homeschooling mom of four children. I have created this group to find others like me who are homeschooling for reasons other than religion. We can support each other, share ideas and plan meet ups for those who would like to get together. Parents of special needs children are welcome and encouraged to join.

Contact: Information

Serving counties: Hamilton, Butler, Franklin, Montgomery, Fairfield

Dominion Academy of Dayton

Miami Valley's School of Classical Christian Education which offers homeschool (or virtual school) enrichment including: sports, band, dance, drama, language and much more.

Contact: Amy Willmann

Serving counties: Clark, Butler, Clinton, Darke, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, Warren


Homefires is a group of homeschoolers with eclectic styles of education from child-led/ unschooling, to curriculum based. This support group is foremost a place for family empowerment through educational freedom. We trust in the ability of the individual family to be the best teacher of values, customs and beliefs for their children. The Homefire families come together to celebrate the joys of homeschooling and welcome those looking for a family oriented community. Homefires host weekly/monthly Parent Meetings, Open Homes, Book Club, Science and Art Coop, Monday Morning Mingling, Science Fair, Biography Fair, World On A Platter and other family activities.

Contact: Sarah Leon

Serving counties: Warren, Hamilton, Clermont, Butler

Homeschool Network of Greater Cincinnati

Families working together to support each other in the joys and responsibilities of educating our children at home.

Contact: Aichessen Cincy

Serving counties: Warren, Clermont, Butler, Hamilton

Reaching Educators And Children at Home (REACH)

REACH stands for "Reaching Educators And Children at Home." We want to reach out to you in loving and practical support of your home schooling. We hope you will reach out to one another in friendship, encouragement and creativity. Our meetings are held in Loveland and serve families all over the east side of Cincinnati. Because the leaders of REACH are Christian, we believe our loving God wants us to serve everyone, not just Christians. Patrick Henry said, "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ! For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here." The REACH support group is founded on the same principle as our nation. All are welcome.

Contact: Karla Rishforth (513) 683-7326
1806 Lindenhall Dr., Loveland OH 45140

Serving counties: Hamilton, Clermont, Butler


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