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Note: These mailing lists are not associated in any way with Homeschooling in Ohio.
Please refer to the links provided to subscribe or contact the list owner for details.

  • ACC Home Schoolers -- Facebook Group
    ACC Homeschoolers is a support group for families who Homeschool in the Greater Allen County Area. We plan Field Trips and other events for our members, as well as Enrichment Days, Drama, Choir, and Graduation.

  • Ashtabula Homeschool
    Networking homeschoolers in and around Ashtabula county, Ohio and Erie county, Pa.

  • Athens County Homeschoolers
    Athens County Homeschoolers in a networking list for home educationg families in the Athens County/Southeast Ohio Area. We welcome the diversity of all the thousands of different home educating styles and reasons to do so. Anyone who is homeschooling or interested in homeschooling is welcome to join for discussion, friendship, and to organize play dates, field trips, or announce any activities of interest to families.

  • Central Ohio Area Christian Homeschooler (COACHfamilies)
    An inclusive Christian email list designed to share information relevant to Columbus Ohio area homeschooling and Christian family life. We welcome prayer requests and will post a weekly summary of those. We seek to encourage one another in our faith walk as followers and believers in Jesus Christ.

  • Christian Home Educators in Ohio Who Love Each Other (CHEOWLEO)
    Christian Home Educators in Ohio Who Love Each Other is a tongue-in-cheek name for a non-existent state organization that appeared in an online conversation and is commemorated here. The purpose of CHEOWLEO is to provide Christian home educators in Ohio with a forum for lively discussion of homeschooling issues.

  • Cleveland Area Homeschoolers
    Cleveland, Ohio area homeschoolers are invited to join this group for discusions, field trips, classes, curriculum, or any other topic you deem appropriate dealing with homeschool issues.

  • Dayton Area Homeschoolers
    All are welcome to join this free group. There are no requirements to join, and no boards or committees. We are an informal, inclusive group of homeschoolers, or those interested in learning more about homeschool, in the Dayton Ohio area. We have no religious affiliation. The main idea: to share info, go on field trips, teach or participate in co-op classes in all subjects, support each other in whatever method of homeschooling we use. The main goal is to have fun learning with our children.

  • Dayton Catholic Homeschool Network
    The primary purpose of the Dayton Catholic Homeschool Network is to facilitate communication about events and other items of interest to the Dayton Catholic homeschool community. In addition, we strive to link these local families to resources they need to homeschool well. It is hoped that this network will assist us to function better as the Body of Christ. Membership is primarily intended for Catholic Homeschool families in the greater Dayton, Ohio area. However, those with an interest in becoming Catholic, home educators, and residents of the Dayton area are welcome to join too. This forum is Catholic in tone and content.

  • Dayton Homeschool Swap-N-Share
    Families in and around the Dayton, Ohio area are welcome to post their books and other homeschool related items for sale. Are your shelves getting a little too crowded? Did you try that new program everyone else raved about, only to find out it's not for you? This is also an excellent place to share about homeschool related events in the Dayton area.

  • Greater Cincinnati Home Schoolers
    This site is for Cincinnati area Home Schoolers and those interested in learning in general. This list is not affiliated with any particular religion (or lack thereof) or with any particular home schooling method or group.

  • Hearts Of Ohio Home Educators
    This is a private group for Christian Home Educating Families who wish to connect with others located in the heart of Ohio (NE Ohio). We're here to connect, share, refresh, encourage, uplift, and support one another in our everyday lives as homeschoolers! Field trips, Co-ops, Classes, Get-togethers, Chats, Playdates, Learning Parties, & more! (Join Chickpox Parties too.)

  • Home Educators' Cooperative Learning Community (HECLC)
    This is the place to get to know what's going on, and who's doing what in the Home Educators' Cooperative Learning Community of Central Ohio. If you would like to get more involved and actually work on HECLC, please join us on our list. Mission: To provide information, resources and support to home educators, their families, and those interested in home education. To coordinate educational and social opportunities in a cooperative, nurturing and multigenerational environment for adults, teens and children. To promote an open and inclusive community for home educators to interact in an atmosphere of respect and dignity. Diane Hopkins owns this group.

  • Homeschool Education League of Parents
    Toledo's Home Education League of Parents (HELP) is a cooperative volunteer organization which assists parents as they inform themselves about homeschooling. HELP encourages members to incorporate child-led learning, regardless of their homeschool approach. As a politically, philosophically, and religiously diverse group, HELP focuses on the homeschooling issues we all have in common.

  • Homeschool Tweens & Teens
    An inclusive group for parents of teens (13+) and tween homeschool kids (10-12), and their families, in Northeast Ohio, specifically the Summit and Medina county area. Support, networking, field trips and socialization opportunities. Nothing too serious... just good, clean fun and community learning situations.

  • Homeschooling in Cincinnati, Ohio on a Budget -- Facebook Group
    Ideas, Resources, Tips & Tricks for home educating in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Mid-Ohio Secular Homeschoolers
    This group is created to provide homeschoolers/home educators who are not affiliated with any particular religious group a resource and discussion list to connect and provide educational opportunities for their children. Please use this list to discuss, brainstorm, announce classes or field trips.

  • NorthEast Ohio Christian Home Educators (NEOCHE)
    NEOCHE provides support and encourage to Christian homeschooling families in the pursuit of Godly character, wisdom and knowledge. We are an interdenominational home school group that is committed to connecting Christian homeschooling families together for support and encourgement in NorthEast Ohio.

  • Northern Ohio Unschoolers
    Members seek to have a place where Unschooling families in Northern Ohio can find a local unschooling community and plan activities, field trips, park days, learning opportunities, etc... Or if you just need another unschooling family to talk with, this is the place. We are families who already embrace the unschooling lifestyle or those that are exploring this idea.

  • Northwest Ohio Christian Homeschoolers -- Facebook Group
    To provide ideas, events, and support for area Christian homeschool families.

  • Ohio Homeschool
    This is the Ohio KONOS Network group list. Tracy Smith is the KONOS Pillar Mom for west/central Ohio. This list was created for KONOS Network participants, and for anyone in Ohio currently using KONOS or wanting to learn more about this wonderful character curriculum.

  • Ohio Homeschool
    This is a mailing list for people who homeschool or are thinking of homeschooling in the state of Ohio. Kids and Parents alike! Here you can exchange ideas, support each other, share educational links and chat about parenting, kids, lessons, curriculum and much more!

  • Ohio Homeschool Leaders
    This is a support list for all Ohio homeschool group leaders regardless of religious beliefs or homeschooling philosophies. If you would like to give or receive input, ideas and support from other Ohio homeschool leaders, then this is the list for you!

  • Ohio Homeschoolers (OHS)
    OHS is a networking list for home educators in the state of Ohio. We are open to all. We support a wide variety of home education styles and the thousands of reasons to homeschool.

  • Ohio Homeschooling Parents - Facebook Group
    Ohio Homeschooling Parents is a state-wide homeschool parental support group. We offer homeschooling notification and compliance information and strive to encourage Ohio families in their right and ability to home educate their children. We as a group value liberty and parental rights. OHP aims to provide connection, encouragement, and up-to-date information for current Ohio homeschoolers. We welcome and affirm members who employ a wide variety of homeschooling resources, techniques and methodologies.

  • Ohio Latter-day HomeSchool (OLHS)
    The Ohio Later-day HomeSchool list is designed to bring Ohio LDS Homeschoolers together. We welcome other homeschool families but our focus is on the needs of the Latter-day Saint. We welcome discussion of all home education options TJEd, C. M., Unschooling, etc..

  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLOPH) Homeschool Group -- Facebook Group
    OLOPH is Ashtabula County's longest standing Catholic homeschool support group! Facebook group for online networking of parents, students, and alumni of a great education.

  • South-West Columbus Area Homeschoolers (SWCAH)
    SWCAH is an inclusive homeschool group that typically meets quarterly - on the third Thursday. Everyday online discussions may include questions, support of other homeschoolers, field trip and play date ideas, monthly meeting information, educational resources or anything else relevant to homeschooling.

  • Southern Ohio Homeschool Organization (SOHO) -- Facebook Group
    This group is for Homeschooling families throughout Ohio. We are open to any type of Homeschooler: traditional, un-schooler, e-school, etc... This group is to ask for advice, post suggestions, gain new friendships and connections, to RSVP for events and so much more!!

  • Tri-State Homeschool Connection
    This is an eclectic group of Ohio homeschooling families. We are not affiliated with any religious beliefs and we accept all families with any style of homeschooling. Our purpose is to provide educational opportunities, social contact and support for all of those educating their children at home.

  • Unschoolers Network of Ohio (UNO)
    The mission of this group is to promote and support unschooling, AKA natural learning, interest led learning, child led learning. Join in discussion about the unschooling lifestyle, how to succeed within Ohio regulations, and basically anything that relates to learning by living life.

  • Waldorf Homeschoolers of Ohio -- Facebook Group
    This is a place for Waldorf homeschoolers in Ohio to connect, encourage each other, share ideas, and hopefully meet from time to time.


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